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Transportation Cost

IPLAN Logistics specializes in modeling Supply Chain planning problems using advanced decision science based technology. By leveraging our industry experience and IPLAN Logistics Consulting technical expertise, we help companies design and implement innovative logistics networks, and a broad range of logistics considerations. Through helping you effectively model the different activities of your supply chain, we help you make decisions that vastly improve cost effectiveness and improve turnaround time. You will benefit also from much other un-realized benefits resulting from our in-depth analysis. Lay the ground work for continual improvement and flexibility, and own your solutions. Some of the questions we helped companies determine answers for are:

  • What is the optimal number, location, and sizing of supply chain facilities?
  • What roles the different facilities should play and what should be their capacities?
  • What production should be used in different plants?
  • Where are my bottlenecks? Where can I improve?
  • Where to store which products, and in what quantities?
  • What is the optimal sourcing strategy throughout the enterprise?
  • How to improve inbound efficiencies through supplier rationalization?
  • Which suppliers should we use to buy components and raw materials, and how much to buy?
  • Where to direct ship from plants?
Marketing Strategies
  • What is the optimal distribution strategy throughout the enterprise?
  • What is the impact of different levels of customer service?
  • What is the impact of consolidating distribution centers?
  • Decentralizing distribution centers?
  • What products should be in a source based network?
  • What products should be in a store based network?
  • What is each customer contribution to overall profitability?
  • What is the best transportation mode to use?
  • What are mode shift, cross dock, and merger opportunities?


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